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Variable Initialization

在 C++ 中,创建变量的同时赋予初始值叫 初始化(Initialization)


共有 6 种初始化方式:

Initialization Type Example Note
Default initialization int x; Undefined behavior, x could be any value
Copy initialization int x = 5;
Direct initialization int x(5);
Direct list initialization int x{5}; Narrowing conversions disallowed
Copy list initialization int x = {5}; Narrowing conversions disallowed
Value initialization int x{}; Usually performs zero initialization


没有被 初始化 并且没有被 赋值(assignment) 的变量称为 未初始化变量(uninitialized variable)


When an object is defined, you can optionally give it an initial value. The process of specifying an initial value for an object is called initialization, and the syntax used to initialize an object is called an initializer.[1]

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