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数据密集 是指数据量大、数据复杂和数据变化快的应用,关注处理、管理大规模数据,往往需要多组件配合实现分布式、高可用以保障软件 可靠性可维护性可伸缩性

计算密集 相对应。

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Raw CPU power is rarely a limiting factor for these applications—bigger problems are usually the amount of data, the complexity of data, and the speed at which it is changing.[1]

Data-Intensive vs Compute-Intensive Applications

Data-Intensive Applications are a type of software application that prioritize the processing, storage, and retrieval of large amounts of data. These applications are designed to handle and manage data at scale, and they typically require a distributed and highly available infrastructure to ensure reliability and scalability.[2]

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