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Sample Rate

采样率(sample rate) 指每秒采集样本次数,以千赫兹(kHz)为单位,采样率越高 数字音频 质量越高。

采样率 决定了数字音频的音频范围,它不是随机的数字。为了便于滤波,CD、流媒体等消费级无损音乐通常采用 44.1kHz 采样率。

What is an audio sample rate?

Sample rate is the number of samples per second that are taken of a waveform to create a discete digital signal. The higher the sample rate, the more snapshots you capture of the audio signal. The audio sample rate is measured in kilohertz (kHz) and it determines the range of frequencies captured in digital audio. In most DAWs, you’ll find an adjustable sample rate in your audio preferences. This controls the sample rate for audio in your project.[1]

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