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曝光 是指相机收集的光的数量。曝光 控制了成像的亮度,我们称 曝光 良好的照片是指相片中所有亮、暗区的细节都被呈现。


拍一张照片可以类比于用水杯接一杯水,曝光 便是这杯水接受的水的量。

曝光三要素 共同影响照片曝光。

What Is Exposure?

Exposure in photography can be easily explained as the amount of light collected by your camera.

When the light passes through the camera lens to the camera sensor for a determined period of time, the amount of light that reaches the camera will determine the final look of the image.

The main effect of photography exposure is to capture the image with a determined brightness. When you shoot a perfectly exposed photo, you are capturing all the details in the highlights and the shadows.

The exposure effect when the camera sensor doesn’t receive enough light is called underexposure. We can also say that we got “crushed shadows” or we “crushed the blacks,” and the result is that we have no information in the darkest areas of the image.

In contrast, the exposure effect when the sensor captures too much light is called overexposure. When this happens, we can also say that we have “blown out highlights” or “burned out highlights,” and the result is that we have no information in the brightest areas of the image.[1]

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