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Service-Level Indicator

SLI 是服务级别监控,直接表明服务的状态的某一方面,历史的数据将用于计算 SLO

一个好的 SLI 应当站在用户的角度观察服务,比如“网页加载速度”。


We also have a direct measurement of a service’s behavior: the frequency of successful probes of our system. This is a Service-Level Indicator (SLI). When we evaluate whether our system has been running within SLO for the past week, we look at the SLI to get the service availability percentage.[1]

Reliability & Metrics

SLI, or Service Level Indicator, represents a measurement of a service’s behavior. A good SLI measures your service from the perspective of your users. An example SLI can be the speed at which a web page loads.[2]

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