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系统负载 是描述系统繁忙程度的指标,一般通过数个 负载参数(load parameter)描述。


系统可能关心 平均负载(load average),也可能关心极端场景,取决于业务场景。

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Load can be described with a few numbers which we call load parameters. The best choice of parameters depends on the architecture of your system: it may be requests per second to a web server, the ratio of reads to writes in a database, the number of simultaneously active users in a chat room, the hit rate on a cache, or something else. Perhaps the average case is what matters for you, or perhaps your bottleneck is dominated by a small number of extreme cases.[1]


The system load is a measure of the amount of computational work that a computer system performs.[2]

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