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User Behavior Analytics

用户行为分析 是收集并分析定性、定量的用户数据,以研究用户如何和产品交互,以及行为的原因。

用户行为分析 帮助团队理解用户想要什么、关心什么和不喜欢什么,让团队充分理解发什么什么,和为什么发生,最终改善用户体验。

What is behavior analytics?

Behavior analytics is a method for collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative user data to understand how people behave on and interact with your website and product, and why.
Behavior analytics data helps you understand what users want, care about, and struggle with, and answers questions like:

  • What are users interested in, or completely ignoring?
  • Where on your website or app do they get stuck and struggle?
  • What do users do right before they leave your website or app?
  • What are users looking for or missing on the pages they visit?

Standard web analytics data—from Google Analytics, for example—gives you aggregated metrics that are valuable, but incomplete: pageviews, conversion rates, and bounce rates tell you what happens, but not why it happens or what you can do to fix it.

Behavior analytics data keeps track of user actions to close those knowledge gaps and reveal the full picture of what happens on your website or app so you can identify ways to improve the user experience (UX).[1]

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